[PATCH] toolchain: Update glibc 2.34 to recent HEAD

Hauke Mehrtens hauke at hauke-m.de
Mon Apr 18 10:22:09 PDT 2022

This adds the following changes:

31186e2cb7 elf: Sort tests and modules-names
511b244cc5 elf: Add a comment after trailing backslashes
de6cdd6875 elf/Makefile: Reflow and sort most variable assignments
948ebc098e Fix glibc 2.34 ABI omission (missing GLIBC_2.34 in dynamic loader)
b952c25dc7 x86: Black list more Intel CPUs for TSX [BZ #27398]
aa601d0244 x86: Use CHECK_FEATURE_PRESENT to check HLE [BZ #27398]
e09e7b1492 support: Add support_socket_so_timestamp_time64
e098446037 linux: Fix ancillary 64-bit time timestamp conversion (BZ #28349, BZ#28350)
489d0b8b32 Linux: Only generate 64 bit timestamps for 64 bit time_t recvmsg/recvmmsg
008003dc6e tst-socket-timestamp-compat.c: Check __TIMESIZE [BZ #28837]
05c83ccaf5 linux: __get_nprocs_sched: do not feed CPU_COUNT_S with garbage [BZ #28850]
ad615b59c7 Linux: Simplify __opensock and fix race condition [BZ #28353]
d8302ba2da hurd if_index: Explicitly use AF_INET for if index discovery
6eaf10cbb7 socket: Do not use AF_NETLINK in __opensock
0351c75c5f linux: Fix missing __convert_scm_timestamps (BZ #28860)
d64b08d5ba Add reference to BZ#28860 on NEWS
007e054d78 linux: fix accuracy of get_nprocs and get_nprocs_conf [BZ #28865]
04d60ce0f2 string: Add a testcase for wcsncmp with SIZE_MAX [BZ #28755]
38e0d24794 x86: Fallback {str|wcs}cmp RTM in the ncmp overflow case [BZ #28896]
d093b677c3 x86: Test wcscmp RTM in the wcsncmp overflow case [BZ #28896]
15b00d2af0 x86: Fix TEST_NAME to make it a string in tst-strncmp-rtm.c
d5d1c95aaf NEWS: Add a bug fix entry for BZ #28896
852361b5a3 localedef: Handle symbolic links when generating locale-archive
3be79b72d5 Fix elf/tst-audit2 on hppa
c6f9085ee4 hppa: Fix swapcontext
f610d2935f hppa: Revise gettext trampoline design
40fc6a74ee nptl: Fix cleanups for stack grows up [BZ# 28899]
6c9c230765 hppa: Fix warnings from _dl_lookup_address
b5032c3d37 io: Add fsync call in tst-stat
b53f0c11de nss: Do not mention NSS test modules in <gnu/lib-names.h>
54b1273395 nss: Protect against errno changes in function lookup (bug 28953)
c82bdf033f Don't add access size hints to fortifiable functions
0e6ebf06e4 Make sure that the fortified function conditionals are constant
536910724d debug: Add tests for _FORTIFY_SOURCE=3
98ea9372cc __glibc_unsafe_len: Fix comment
10f7bdebe5 fortify: Fix spurious warning with realpath
d6a58bd81d Enable _FORTIFY_SOURCE=3 for gcc 12 and above
f8c2f620f1 debug: Autogenerate _FORTIFY_SOURCE tests
224d8c1890 debug: Synchronize feature guards in fortified functions [BZ #28746]
738ee53f0c hppa: Implement swapcontext in assembler (bug 28960)
d53b9cc391 hppa: Use END instead of PSEUDO_END in swapcontext.S
4b5b8a1cdf powerpc: Delete unneeded ELF_MACHINE_BEFORE_RTLD_RELOC
b19de59d62 elf: Avoid nested functions in the loader [BZ #27220]
c6df39a0bd elf: Fix elf_get_dynamic_info definition
b868b45f67 elf: Fix dynamic-link.h usage on rtld.c
f6a54a3042 elf: Fix elf_get_dynamic_info() for bootstrap
a31bbe3242 elf: Move LAV_CURRENT to link_lavcurrent.h
e25fe99213 elf: Move la_activity (LA_ACT_ADD) after _dl_add_to_namespace_list() (BZ #28062)
ce0cb6d1d2 elf: Add _dl_audit_objopen
66e9d27a09 elf: Add _dl_audit_activity_map and _dl_audit_activity_nsid
ec0fc2a153 elf: Add _dl_audit_objsearch
198660741b elf: Add _dl_audit_objclose
b2d99731b6 elf: Add _dl_audit_symbind_alt and _dl_audit_symbind
31473c273b elf: Add _dl_audit_preinit
fd9c4e8a1b elf: Add _dl_audit_pltenter
a8e211daea elf: Add _dl_audit_pltexit
29496b3103 elf: Avoid unnecessary slowdown from profiling with audit (BZ#15533)
02c6a3d353 elf: Add audit tests for modules with TLSDESC
d1b9bee29a elf: Issue audit la_objopen for vDSO
2255621f0e elf: Do not fail for failed dlmopen on audit modules (BZ #28061)
98047ba95c elf: Add la_activity during application exit
efb21b5fb2 elf: Fix initial-exec TLS access on audit modules (BZ #28096)
056fc1c0e3 elf: Issue la_symbind for bind-now (BZ #23734)
b118bce87a elf: Fix runtime linker auditing on aarch64 (BZ #26643)
165e7ad459 Fix elf/tst-audit25a with default bind now toolchains
aabdad371f elf: Replace tst-audit24bmod2.so with tst-audit24bmod2
4dca2d3a7b hppa: Fix bind-now audit (BZ #28857)
ceed89d089 NEWS: Update fixed bug list for LD_AUDIT backports.
0c03cb54c8 S390: Add new s390 platform z16.
290db09546 nptl: Handle spurious EINTR when thread cancellation is disabled (BZ#29029)

Signed-off-by: Hauke Mehrtens <hauke at hauke-m.de>
 toolchain/glibc/common.mk                                     | 4 ++--
 ...Revert-Disallow-use-of-DES-encryption-functions-in-n.patch | 4 ++--
 2 files changed, 4 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)

diff --git a/toolchain/glibc/common.mk b/toolchain/glibc/common.mk
index 51d13c457ead..86048aba2544 100644
--- a/toolchain/glibc/common.mk
+++ b/toolchain/glibc/common.mk
@@ -12,8 +12,8 @@ PKG_RELEASE:=1
diff --git a/toolchain/glibc/patches/050-Revert-Disallow-use-of-DES-encryption-functions-in-n.patch b/toolchain/glibc/patches/050-Revert-Disallow-use-of-DES-encryption-functions-in-n.patch
index cb2ae0550bcd..8cb8c80fd297 100644
--- a/toolchain/glibc/patches/050-Revert-Disallow-use-of-DES-encryption-functions-in-n.patch
+++ b/toolchain/glibc/patches/050-Revert-Disallow-use-of-DES-encryption-functions-in-n.patch
@@ -596,7 +596,7 @@ provides them.
  /* The enhanced internationalization capabilities according to XPG4.2
     are present.  */
  #define	_XOPEN_ENH_I18N	1
-@@ -1146,17 +1149,25 @@ ssize_t copy_file_range (int __infd, __o
+@@ -1150,17 +1153,25 @@ ssize_t copy_file_range (int __infd, __o
  extern int fdatasync (int __fildes);
  #endif /* Use POSIX199309 */
@@ -627,7 +627,7 @@ provides them.
     range [FROM - N + 1, FROM - 1].  If N is odd the first byte in FROM
 --- a/stdlib/stdlib.h
 +++ b/stdlib/stdlib.h
-@@ -968,6 +968,12 @@ extern int getsubopt (char **__restrict
+@@ -969,6 +969,12 @@ extern int getsubopt (char **__restrict

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