[PATCH] selinux-policy: update to version 1.1

Dominick Grift dominick.grift at defensec.nl
Sat Apr 16 06:10:39 PDT 2022

try to clean up some labeling inconsistencies
iwinfo loose ends
ucode loose ends
Makefile: adjust mintesttgt (adds blockmount/blockd)
nftables: reads inherited netifd pipe
ucode: reads inherited netifd pipes
mountroot: fowner
sandbox: writes inherited dropbear pipes
unbound related to /tmp/etc/ssl
unbound loose ends
adds a sslconftmpfile for /tmp/etc/ssl
README: maintain a wish list in the README
iwinfo: netifd forgot write
gptfdisk loose ends
iwinfo: netifd wpad reads/writes inherited netifd fifo files
netifd (mac80211.sh) executes iwinfo
luci: executes wireguard
luci-cgi: audits xtables execute access
rcuhttpd: lists ssl certfile dirs
iwinfo, wifi,nftables usage of ttyd pty if available
urandomseed: seedrng needs cap_sys_admin
iwinfo iwinfo, nftables and some chronyd rules related to ntp nts server
nftables, wifi and adds iwinfo skel
nftables, rpcd, ucode
nftables, ucode and seedrng ucode, fw3/nftables, luci
adds ucode skel and some fw3/nftables related
urandomseed: some seedrng rules
fw3 adds some support for fw4
urandomseed: /etc/seedrng is for seed.credit
hotplugcal: runs ucode which is interpreter like
adds a nftables skeleton and makes xtables optional
agent: allow all agents to write inherited dropbear pipes
urandomseed: this seems to be replaced by seedrng
kmodloader: label /etc/modules.conf kmodloader.conffile
Revert "shelexecfile: remove auditallow rule"
Makefile: sort the modules to process by secilc
Moves back to git.defensec.nl
unbound odhcpd (ip) reads net proc
tcp dump
shelexecfile: remove auditallow rule
rrd.cil: fixes indent
Target rddtool from cgi-io instead of runnit it without transition
rrd.cil related
rrd, rpcd, cgiio clean ups related to luci-app-statistics
Rules for rrd files and luci-statistics
unboundcontrol ordering
Several missing permissions
blockmount, dnsmasq, hotplugcall, rpcd, unbound
adds mctp_socket (linux 5.15)
ip: forgot tc-tiny type transition to go along with the fc spec
ip: adds a fc spec for tc-tiny (called by sqm)
adds ttyACM fc spec and various assorted loose ends
.gitattributes: do not export the github workflows
workflow use selinux 3.3

project moved back to https://git.defensec.nl/selinux-policy.git

Signed-off-by: Dominick Grift <dominick.grift at defensec.nl>
 package/system/selinux-policy/Makefile | 6 +++---
 1 file changed, 3 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)

diff --git a/package/system/selinux-policy/Makefile b/package/system/selinux-policy/Makefile
index 0b85920170..10eff7be57 100644
--- a/package/system/selinux-policy/Makefile
+++ b/package/system/selinux-policy/Makefile
@@ -7,9 +7,9 @@ include $(TOPDIR)/rules.mk
 PKG_BUILD_DEPENDS:=secilc/host policycoreutils/host

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