AVM FRITZ!Box 7530: New NAND chip

Andreas Böhler dev at aboehler.at
Sun Apr 10 08:59:42 PDT 2022


I've got a recent AVM FRITZ!Box 7530 with a KIOXIA TC58NVGS03H NAND IC. 
Neither U-Boot nor Linux are able to read/write the NAND because the OOB 
size is detected as 64 bytes instead of 128 bytes. I could get it to 
work by:

1. Patching U-Boot qpic_nand.c with a fixup based on Manufacturer ID, 
Device ID and Configuration Byte
2. Patching Linux drivers/mtd/nand/raw/nand_ids.c with a new flash ID entry
3. Setting nand-ecc-strength to 8 in the DTS.

Having a look on the Forum, this probably applies to some other AVM 
devices as well.

I suppose that I should:

1. Create a PR for U-Boot
2. Try to the get new flash ID upstream and create a kernel patch in the 
3. Create a separate DTS for the new device, similar to the FRITZ 7362 model

Is this the best way to proceed?


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