OpenWrt 22.0X release plan (22.03)

Hannu Nyman hannu.nyman at
Sun Apr 3 00:23:49 PDT 2022

On 2/20/22 23:57, Hauke Mehrtens wrote:

 > We would like to branch off OpenWrt 22.03 as openwrt-21.03 tomorrow.
 > We would also like to create branches on the default feeds too.
 > Petr will set up the new build bot instance together with Paul and we 
would like to do an 22.03.0-rc1 soon when the build bot infrastructure is 
working fine.


is the 22.03.0-rc1 going be tagged and built soon? It is now almost two weeks 
since the 22.03 branching, and also the 22.03 buildbot has been hapily 
crunching build for over a week by now. All targets are steadily green (with 
the exception of at91/sama7 and its packages arm_cortex-a7_vfpv4 ).

To get more real-life feedback (e.g. regarding firewall4), we should get the 
rc1 out soon, so that there would be an official stable build for the general 

(Based on the recent commit activity, the developer interest is quickly 
moving toward kernel 5.15 etc. new stuff, so likely not much 22.03-specific 
polishing is happening. Same story as with earlier releases.)

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