WDS stopped working in 21.02, looking for bug in netifd

Daniel Haid d.haid at gogi.tv
Thu Sep 23 06:17:15 PDT 2021

Another update:

If I issue the following commands:

1. /etc/init.d/network restart
2. ip addr
3. ip addr
4. ip addr

Then, in a "bad case", if the timing is right, 2. shows that the 
interface wlan0.sta1 is DOWN, 3. shows that it is UP and 4. shows that 
is DOWN again. Then it stays DOWN.

This might explain why yesterday I noticed so many "good" cases, because 
I did not try to ping the client, I only looked at the output of "ip 
addr". But it can show UP for a short time, even if the bug has triggered.

(By the way, even in a good case it first shows DOWN for a short time, 
and the UP, but then it stays UP.)

Is there any way to dump a detailed state of the wlan driver in the 
kernel? Or the state of netifd? Sould I enable some debug options?


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