OpenWrt 21.02 status

Hauke Mehrtens hauke at
Sat Jul 17 08:45:56 PDT 2021


In general the 21.02-rc3 looks good, but we still have some problems.

Currently we still have these problem:

- IPv6 broken with flow offloading (according to reports, potentially 
related to hw flow offloading)
- PPPoE allegedly broken (according to reports, not fully reproducible, 
likely related to hw flow offloading too)
- DHCPv6 broken if lease times < 12h chosen
- WDS with bridge-vlan broken (missing backport from master)
- cron jobs are triggered in UTC even when the system uses a different 
time zone:

Thank you Jo for collecting most of them.
These problems should at least get some investigation and better should 
get fixed before the final release.

In addition there are multiple problems with specific device, if they 
get fixed it would be nice otherwise we just leave it like it is now.

The problem fixed here was also reported in 21.02:
@Kevin: Any objections to backport this change to 21.02? Are there any 
other changes needed?

@John: Did you look into the IPv6 Flow offloading problem?

I would like to get some of them fixed or at least investigated and then 
do the final or a rc4, depending of the number of changes.
I will try to find some time in the next days to investigate some of 
these problems.

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