New layerscape/aarch64 board

Michael Walle michael at
Fri Feb 12 10:13:37 EST 2021


I am looking into how to bring openwrt support for my board
(Kontron sl28) upstream. The board has upstream support in
both vanilla linux (since 5.8) and vanilla u-boot. Someone
in IRC told me there will be a new release based on 5.10 after
the 21.02 branch is created. So that would be a nice fit.

I'd have thought the board will fit it linux/layerscape but that
is the vanilla kernel with all the NXP lsdk patches on top of it,
which my board doesn't need and frankly speaking I don't want. The
same is true for the uboot-layerscape package. Thats the LSDK

Thus, does anyone have an idea where I should put my board. It
really looks like the "layerscape" is tailored to the NXP eval

It should really have been a layerscape-lsdk in the first place.

Any thoughts?

In theory it should be possible to have a generic armv8 board.
Which only differs in the device trees. But that would mean
the kernel image will bloat over time. I don't know if that is
a major issue, given that most aarch64 boards should have
enough storage and memory.


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