OpenWrt 21.02 status

Alexander E. Patrakov patrakov at
Tue Aug 31 04:52:21 PDT 2021

Hauke Mehrtens wrote:

> We did the 21.02-rc4, but there is still a problem with flow offloading
> as this was not fixed. The other problems should be fixed now.

> ...

> Some more information can be found here:

> It could be that this change causes the problems:

> I do not know how much time and interest I have in debugging and fixing
> this problem. If someone wants to have a closer look into this problem
> it would be really nice. even when you can make it easier to reproduce
> it in a test environment it would be nice.

There is no need to debug this problem. Just revert the patch, because
the upstream kernel history looks like this:

Jun 15, 2018, e97d940: flow offload pickup timeouts were changed to
hard-coded values, 120 seconds for TCP and 30 seconds for UDP, because
the author had a concern with the "established" timeout to be too huge
for this purpose.
Jun 3, 2021, 1d91d2e: sysctls are introduced so that the timeouts for
picking up offloaded flows are configurable, because they were too low
for some use cases.
Aug 4, 2021, 4592ee7: the timeouts were bumped again to their old
"established" values, sysctls are removed, the motivation is,
essentially, that the pickup timeouts were effectively acting like the
new version of established timeouts.

I.e., the patch was effectively reverted upstream.

Alexander E. Patrakov

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