[21.02] opkg fails to install manually downloaded packages

Sven Roederer devel-sven at geroedel.de
Thu Apr 29 00:54:34 BST 2021


I've seen this once, but just was able to double check ...

Using a freshly installed OpenWrt 21.02 fails to install a package that has 
been downloaded manually. I had seen this initially when using my own image 
where a package was missing. To fix I copied over with scp and wanted to 
install with 'opkg <package.ipk>'. It failed, complaining about incompatible 
arch. rebuilding my image via Imagebuilder made my image work.

Initially thought of some faulty config on my board, but was just testing with 
official build from downloads.openwrt.org and could confirm.

Here my console log (taken on TPLink WDR-3600):
> -----------------------------------------------------
> OpenWrt 21.02.0-rc1, r16046-59980f7aaf
> -----------------------------------------------------
> root at OpenWrt:~# cd /tmp
> root at OpenWrt:/tmp# wget https://downloads.openwrt.org/releases/21.02.0-rc1/
> Downloading 'https://downloads.openwrt.org/releases/21.02.0-rc1/packages/
> Connecting to
> Writing to 'wall_2.36.1-2_mips_24kc.ipk'
> wall_2.36.1-2_mips_2 100% |*******************************| 10770   0:00:00 
> Download completed (10770 bytes)
> root at OpenWrt:/tmp# opkg install /tmp/wall_2.36.1-2_mips_24kc.ipk 
> Unknown package 'wall'.
> Collected errors:
>  * pkg_hash_fetch_best_installation_candidate: Packages for wall found, but 
incompatible with the architectures configured
>  * opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package wall.

As far as I can see opkd config looks fine ...
> root at OpenWrt:/tmp# opkg print-architecture
> arch all 1
> arch noarch 1
> arch mips_24kc 10

Any ideas?
I did not check on master yet, but I think it's a blocker for 21.02 release.

Best Sven

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