Brokenness of the OpenWrt "packages" repo

Bjørn Mork bjorn at
Mon Apr 26 15:46:19 BST 2021

Daniel Golle <daniel at> writes:

> Depending on half of the Freedesktop universe in order to initialize
> a network interface or receive an SMS in a very complicated way doesn't
> feel justified to me.

I have been very pleased with uqmi and umbim as alternatives for tiny
embedded devices, and I am hoping that they wiil be updated and
maintained.  But they're not an option at all with the latest generation
modems, and I don't see that changing anytime soon.  They lack all the
5G stuff, multiplexing support, and there is no alternative application
at all for the new PCIe drivers (Qualcomm MHI or Intel IOSM).

We've come to a point where ModemManager is pretty much required on
OpenWrt too.  And I believe that's good.  The alternative isn't
uqmi/umbim or similar, but a desktop distro running on your "embedded"


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