Brokenness of the OpenWrt "packages" repo

Bjørn Mork bjorn at
Mon Apr 26 06:51:51 BST 2021

Etienne Champetier <champetier.etienne at> writes:

> Are you trying at the same time to complain about not run-tested
> updates and possibly having packages not up to date ?

No.  The package was fine before the version was changed.  In fact, it
was in much better shape before it was changed to a development version
by the very same non-maintainer.

If you don't care enough to even install the package, then please don't
touch the package.

> I would personally mark it as broken or remove it instead of making it
> work again, but it means removing some other packages.

I'd be all for that, if you apply that rule to all the unmaintained
packages in the repo.  It's a much better solution than having the repo
full of arbitrary untested changes to unmaintained packages.

Wrt dbus I'm pretty sure it would provoke an adoption.  There are
multiple packages depending on it, and as the immediate reports tell
you:  This particualr umaintained package is in active use.


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