lantiq: upstream Linux efforts

Martin Blumenstingl martin.blumenstingl at
Sun Apr 11 18:51:08 BST 2021

Hello everyone,

you are included in this email because you have previously worked on
patches for the Lantiq SoCs upstream.

In the past updating the kernel version for the lantiq target in
OpenWrt was an unpleasant task.
There are many out-of-tree patches and some of them are breaking with
newer kernel versions.

To improve the situation I suggest using Rafał Miłecki's approach also
for the lantiq target:
He is submitting patches upstream, then backporting them to OpenWrt.
That way backports to the -stable tree are for free.
Other patches can simply be dropped during the next major kernel
version update (instead of having to rework them every time...).

This approach however only works when there are active contributors upstream.
It brings the benefit of upstream code-reviews though - which in my
experience improves the quality of the resulting code.

Therefore I would like to know who is interested in upstreaming more
patches and cleaning up some of the code which already exists
Saying that you are not interested is fine, there is no pressure on anyone.

Best regards,

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