OpenWrt 21.02-rc1 - realtek and mediatek targets

Bjørn Mork bjorn at
Thu Apr 8 07:35:49 BST 2021

Stijn Segers <foss at> writes:

> A vote for keeping the realtek target here, I have three devices here
> in production. Very happy with them. The main catch I see with 
> relegating the realtek target to master would be less uptake on the
> end user side (not everyone will want to run hardware that needs
> OpenWrt master), but I am unqualified to judge the code quality.
> All I can say is it runs nicely here (including PoE).

I agree.  The feature set of the realtek target is pretty complete, and
the anticipated fast movement of the target in master has not happened

So please keep realtek for 21.02.

There is one pending series applicable to realtek which I had hoped to
get in before exposing the target to innocent users, but this might be
too late by now?:

Being able to adjust the "bootpartition" variable is crucial to support
console-less installation IMHO.  Which makes the target more accessible
to non-developers.


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