crowdfunding to create Right to Repair laws in the USA

Alberto Bursi bobafetthotmail at
Sat Apr 3 22:37:15 BST 2021

A few days ago, Louis Rossmann, a relatively famous person in the 
electronics repair community has started a fundraiser to get the Right 
to Repair movement's goals passed into law though a "direct ballot 
initiative" in the USA.  It's a way to create a law that is bypassing 
politicians and asking directly to the citizens decide if they want it 
or not with their vote in a referendum.

This is at least partially relevant for OpenWrt and I think it's 
interesting for many in our community.
Right to Repair involves outlawing software restrictions that lock down 
devices to prevent independent repair or modification of the devices you 
have bought (and own).
It also involves requiring that devices are designed to be 
serviced/repaired, and making technical documentation/parts available.

While Louis is in the USA, such laws would have an effect in the rest of 
the western world as well.

He has been lobbying for Right to Repair with US politicians for many 
years without much success, while also owning and growing an electronic 
board repair businness.

Most of what he did and does, and also the board repair he teaches, can 
be found in is in his youtube channel,

The video where he summarizes his story and more information about the 
crowfunding and its goals are here

In case anyone wants to donate to the cause, the crowdfunding page is here.


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