Data loss issue (and solution) for MTK uSD driver

Enrico Mioso at
Sat Apr 3 00:19:15 BST 2021

Hello all!!

I experienced an issue that could cause data loss on a uSD card when used in some ramips MT7621 devices, like the Zbtlink ZBT-WG3526 (32M).
I fixed it by following the nice solution pointed our here:

I would like to say thanks to the author.

Is there something we can do to fix this in a general way?
The issue is important enough, given the fact that just mounting, creating a folder and umounting the device is enough to get e2fsck screaming at you! :)
The same card seems to work fine on a GB-PC1. I am experiencing this issue with OpenWRt snapshot (commit ec6293febc244d187e71a6e54f44920be679cde4), running 5.4 kernel.

I seen the FS get corrupted several times. BTW, has this the potential to damage the card itself?



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