discussion: octeon3: introduce new target or octeon subtarget

Roman Kuzmitskii damex.pp at icloud.com
Sun Oct 18 03:40:06 EDT 2020


  i have edgerouter 4 and there is lots of other devices that would benefit from using separate octeon3 target.
  i would like to hear some opinions on what are we <might> do with it.

  current options are:
    - ‘octeon3’ subtarget in ‘octeon’ target
    - separate ‘octeon3' target.

  known devices are:
    - D-Link DSR-1000AC rev A1 (cn7020)
    - Itus Shield (cn7020)
    - Riverbed XH2-240 (cn7130)
    - Ubiquiti EdgeRouter 4 (cn7130)
    - Ubiquiti EdgeRouter 6p (cn7130)
    - Ubiquiti EdgeRouter 12 (cn7130)
    - Ubiquiti EdgeRouter 12p (cn7130)
    - Ubiquiti EdgeRouter 8 Infinity (cn7360)

  benefits of new target are:
    - FPU usage so target will be a hardfloat. current octeon target is softfloat
    - optimizations on compiler side using -march=octeon3 instead of -march=octeonplus could bring up to 5% performance boost
    - targets do not need hacks like notes strip for old octeon SDK

  all of them would benefit from using a device tree and i already made one for cn71xx and cn70xx (essentially less feature rich cn71xx).
  tests was done on edgerouter 4 (me) and edgerouter 12 (lemmi on freenode).

  why am i doing it?
    - i have personal interest in contributing to openwrt and can help with maintaining new target since there is no owner.
    - already own hardware that benefit from new target and already met people on freenode that is in the same boat

  thank you

— damex

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