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Sat May 30 06:31:54 EDT 2020

why its required to have that part  under /etc/config/znc  config  'znc' 
	list  'listener' 	 ' 1234'  while i want to use external  znc_config_path   ?  Next, znc --makeconf is generating in different way password comparing to znc -makepass which is causing problem under /etc/init.d/znc sript - in one word it doesnt work  
        Dnia 28 maja 2020 23:00 a <penteljapan at o2.pl> napisał(a):
         what about fingerprints how to save them? 


        Dnia 28 maja 2020 13:37 a <penteljapan at o2.pl> napisał(a):

         1. /etc/config/znc doesnt support hiding password sha + salt or if its supporting that  whats the pattern.  2. It is required to type network name to join  that network which is not mentioned under documentation  openwrt.org openwrt.org  /quote PASS username/Default:password  3. how to generate ssl cert NOT as root ?  4. Variable channel `` Specifies one or more channels to join on connect. The required format is “<channelname> [<password>]”.``   leaving that in state    list 'channel'    '#test '   // with empty string   causing   Thu May 28 13:29:36 2020 daemon.info procd: Instance znc::instance1 s in a crash loop 6 crashes, 0 seconds since last crash  5. In general its hard to debug for me , all i can do its service start/stop without any output, theres any way to get more verbose data?
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