[OpenWrt-Devel] Upgraded to 19.07.2 and my file shares disappeared

David Bennett daeab2004 at gmail.com
Sat May 16 02:21:00 EDT 2020


I feel that this really needs to be added to either the Samba setup
documentation and/or the storage documentation:

*Enable also anon_mount in your /etc/config/fstab* submitted by* hnyman*


After upgrading and reinstalling the necessary packages to get my USB
connected SSD drive recognized my data was no where to be found.

gdisk reported a missing gpt header which it fixed (q - without saving any
changes in a panic)

And in Lede under mount points a weirdly sized partition was reported with
no used space at all (my panic greatly increased)

I had not made a back-up of my partition table, something I have taken care
of now.

As I morosely read the man-page for gdisk and how to repair a partition and
tried a few things without saving the changes, nothing continued to be

I stumbled across the above change to fstab in bold.

I crossed my fingers, made the change, saved and rebooted

*Everything is back,* nothing missing and nothing corrupted. I realize that
my problem is probably self-caused in how I setup my samba shares in the
first place. In my defense all I did was follow the instructions in the
OpenWRT documentation pages regarding: USB storage and Samba fileshares.


David B.
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