[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH] ath79: add support for gl-e750

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Thu May 14 06:49:19 EDT 2020


> > +&wmac {
> > + status = "okay";
> > + mtd-cal-data = <&art 0x1000>;
> > + mtd-mac-address = <&art 0x1002>;
> mtd-mac-address can be dropped here, as it will be read from this offset by mtd-cal-data automatically.
> ---> Will the offset of 0x2 be automatically added?

If you read caldata with mtd-cal-data, it will automatically apply a MAC address found with offset +2 compared to the start of the caldata.

So, cal-data at 0x1000 will use MAC address from 0x1002
caldata at 0x4000 will use MAC address from 0x4002

mtd-mac-address for wmac is only needed if that region does _not_ contain a proper/valid address, so you need to overwrite it with a sensible value (e.g. for many TP-Link devices, where there is only one valid MAC address in uboot partition, and all others need to be calculated with increments).

Further reading (still WIP): https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-developer/mac.address#mac_address_pulled_by_driver

> > +  IMAGES += factory.img
> Typically, GL.inet devices can be installed with sysupgrade, so a factory image is not necessary? (And it's not set up anyway)
> I think this can be dropped.
> --->Many GL users like to use uboot to upgrade their firmware, so I think it is necessary to generate a factory image.

I'm only used to the old SPI-only devices from GL.inet, where you could just do anything with the sysupgrade image.

However, if you need a separate factory for u-boot now, go for it. But then, I'd prefer it to have the .bin extension as well.

And you still need to add a recipe for it ...


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