[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH 2/2] build: compress kernel debuginfo using zstd

Tomasz Izydorczyk xizix at o2.pl
Wed May 13 15:49:40 EDT 2020

śr., 13 maj 2020 o 21:19 Matthias Schiffer
<mschiffer at universe-factory.net> napisał(a):
> zstd with its default settings (compression level -3) compresses better
> than bzip2 -9 (which is the default setting), and is an order of magnitude
> faster.
> I made the following measurements for the most common compression tools
> (all standard Debian Buster versions, default flags unless noted
> otherwise), using the debug information of a large x86-64 kernel with
> * kernel-debug.tar: 376M
> * kernel-debug.tar.gz: 101M, compressed in ~12s
> * kernel-debug.tar.bz2: 91M, compressed in ~15s
> * kernel-debug.tar.xz: 57M, compressed in ~101s
> * kernel-debug.tar.zst: 86M, compressed in ~1s

Impressive results. Perhaps it should also be used for SquashFS
instead of LZMA //Thomas

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