[OpenWrt-Devel] Applying to Season of Docs

Hauke Mehrtens hauke at hauke-m.de
Sun May 3 11:37:04 EDT 2020

On 5/1/20 11:07 PM, Paul Spooren wrote:
> Hi all,
> Google offers a program[0] to stipend people writing technical documentation for
> open source projects. The stipend is possible for anyone 18+ and not living in a
> US embargoed country, so unlike the Google Summer of Code project not only for
> students. Successful writers get a stipend of about $6000, mentors $500, from my
> understanding these stipends are at least in some parts of the world tax free.
> So much about the program, question is how OpenWrt could benefit from it. 
> * Some time ago there where some ideas on IRC to add development information to
> OpenWrt specific tools instead of managing it in the MediaWiki. Articles from
> docs/techref[1] could be updated, cleaned and ported to the project
> repositories. For example, move the ubus network docs[2] directly to the netifd
> repository[3] so developers can update it conveniently when adding new features.
> The existing wiki would then point to an online rendered version of such docs.
> Using a tool like mkdocs(.org) allows to create documentation websites based on
> Markdown with minimal dependencies (Python3, pip3, venv).
> * Device pages, important for users, are often very similar but still vary in
> steps and formulation, increasing the work of maintaining them. Also the varying
> structure complicates the user. Personally I really like the template based
> LineageOS device wiki[4] as it's the same structure for every device but still
> covers corner cases or important notes. Some time ago I created a proof-of-
> concept which could be an inspiration for further work[5]. For prioritization a
> a ranking of popular wiki pages could be used, which devices are most commonly
> searched?
> * The wiki offers guides on how to use the LuCI for common use cases, which is
> great because it's the most likely way for basic users to interact with OpenWrt.
> However this could get some extra love: Partly pictures are missing[6], pictures
> are outdated[7] and/or missing from the web interface overview[8]. This could be
> refreshed and put in nice overview, maybe even even create click-through videos.
> There must be tools that automatically click things in UIs and make screenshots,
> this could make the documentation easily future proof and translatable.
> A prioritization and general collaboration could happen with the participants of
> the '"simplified" interface for LuCI'[9] thread. 
> I'd be happy to either be a mentor or writer. Hopefully some more people are
> interested in this efforts!
> A first step is the application to make OpenWrt a SoD project. If approved I can
> (try to) handle the paperwork. The deadline is 4th of May, sorry for the short
> notice.

Hi Paul,

I just noticed the deadline is today at 8PM UTC (in about 4 hours)

This Season of  Docs is a nice project, but I think it is about actually
writing documentation instead of creating new infrastructure for writing
documentation. I also think that we need someone actual writing
documentation more then new infrastructure for it, so this is a good thing.

It would be nice if OpenWrt would apply, but I do not have the time to
manage this project or act as a mentor.

@Paul do you want to manage this?


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