[OpenWrt-Devel] resurect Realtek RTD 1295 openwrt?

Marc Chantreux eiro at phear.org
Thu Mar 26 17:31:17 EDT 2020

hello people,

i try to get the WOL working on a device running openwrt but it seems
the packages are no more available.

the basename i noticed from /etc/opkg is


chaos_calmer is available on the archive but not this particular arch.

from the RT site, i see that rtd1295 is actually a ARM® Cortex-A53
powered SOC so what i would like to do now is to backport some packages
(luci-app-wol) for chaos_calmer (i don't know how naive is this).
i'm reading the devel guide from the web site and try
to make menuconfig. the thing is i don't know how to get the cortex

Anyone can help on this ?

thanks and regards,

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