[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH 0/2] openssl: update to 1.1.1e

Eneas U de Queiroz cotequeiroz at gmail.com
Thu Mar 19 15:12:13 EDT 2020

This version includes bug and security fixes, including medium-severity
CVE-2019-1551, affecting RSA1024, RSA1536, DSA1024 & DH512 on x86_64.

Here's the current description of CVE-2019-1551:
  There is an overflow bug in the x64_64 Montgomery squaring procedure
  used in exponentiation with 512-bit moduli. No EC algorithms are
  affected. Analysis suggests that attacks against 2-prime RSA1024,
  3-prime RSA1536, and DSA1024 as a result of this defect would be very
  difficult to perform and are not believed likely. Attacks against
  DH512 are considered just feasible. However, for an attack the target
  would have to re-use the DH512 private key, which is not recommended
  anyway. Also applications directly using the low level API BN_mod_exp
  may be affected if they use BN_FLG_CONSTTIME. Fixed in OpenSSL 1.1.1e
  (Affected 1.1.1-1.1.1d). Fixed in OpenSSL 1.0.2u (Affected

I've added a commit before the actual update to include cofiguration
help for the afalg-sync engine available in the packages feed.

This was tested on mvebu, using nginx, and the openssl util.

These patches should be cleanly cherry-picked to 19.07, so I won't send
a duplicate patch unless told otherwise.

Eneas U de Queiroz (2):
  openssl: add configuration example for afalg-sync
  openssl: update to 1.1.1e

 package/libs/openssl/Makefile                 |  6 +--
 .../150-openssl.cnf-add-engines-conf.patch    | 31 ++++++++++++-
 ...o-make-the-dev-crypto-engine-dynamic.patch | 43 ++++++-------------
 ...default-to-not-use-digests-in-engine.patch |  8 ++--
 ...to-ignore-error-when-closing-session.patch |  6 +--
 5 files changed, 52 insertions(+), 42 deletions(-)

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