[OpenWrt-Devel] Some questions - help needed

mans0n mans0n at gorani.run
Thu Mar 5 05:07:02 EST 2020

Hi, sorry for my late reply.

I tried again to convert DEVICE_TYPE to device variable, and your 
explanation of DEVICE_VARS was helpful. Thank you.
Currently device-type specific packages are added to DEFAULT_PACKAGES in 
target.mk, so I had to move it into image.mk.
But then DEVICE_TYPE can no longer be set per whole (sub)target, so 
busybox hdparm should be removed again, as we cannot build busybox for 
each device. That will introduce another fix commit, and I'm not sure if 
I'm going in the right direction.
Anyway, I'll send the patches to PW when they are ready.

As for the kmod-*-core dependencies, I'll open a PR on GitHub soon.


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