[OpenWrt-Devel] Bringing wifi dynamic vlan support to tooling

Matthias Larisch mail at matthias-larisch.de
Tue Mar 3 16:19:55 EST 2020

Dear mailing list,

I am using OpenWRT to serve WPA Enterprise wifi with dynamic vlan, e.g.
users getting directed to different vlans depending on their
credentials. For that to work, hostapd creates another wifi interface
and adds that to a vlan in the moment a client connects and removes that
interface again when all clients for that vlan have disconnected.

e.g. additionally to my wlan0 I have a wlan0.101 if a client is
connected to vlan ID 101.

My main motivation is having LUCI support to also displays clients
connected to that dynamic vlan device. This unfortunately is not
straightforward, as the truth (tm) for existing wireless networks is
taken from uci and netifd. In both, the dynamic vlan devices never show
up so they don't get picked up when association lists for all interfaces
are created by iterating over them.

A related luci bug https://github.com/openwrt/luci/issues/1324 is open
for long - but I feel this might be of broader scope and would like some
guidance of how to do it right and if you feel it affects other regions
like luci as well - because alternatively luci could build the list of
wireless interfaces itself and query the assoclists for them instead of
relying on uci wifi-iface sections or the answer from ubus
network.wireless list.

The question might be even broader - what is a dynamic vlan wireless
interface to the tools - how does it compare to manually created networks?

Thanks for some ideas,


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