[PATCH] zram-swap: enable swap discard

Emil Muratov gpm at hotplug.ru
Thu Jun 25 13:13:29 EDT 2020

Hi Rui,
no offence, but I do not have direct commit right to openwrt's repo. 
I've had done some work on zram-script before, that's why I was 
interested in this case.

You could try to create a PR to GiHub's openwrt repo than someone from 
the core team could pick it up for review.


On 25.06.2020 16:32, Rui Salvaterra wrote:
> Hi, Emil,
> On Thu, 25 Jun 2020 at 13:57, Emil Muratov <gpm at hotplug.ru> wrote:
>> Could you, please, describe you test case scenarios and measurements
>> where you've hit memory waste for zram dev when swap shrinks?
> I don't have a specific procedure to test this, but I believe I showed
> you proof that it's a good idea. I'm sure the reason discard isn't the
> default is because people actually use swap on SSD, and repeated
> discard commands will wear the flash storage too much.
> If you want to merge it, fine. If you don't, it's fine too, I'll just
> keep it in my tree.
> Cheers,
> Rui

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