[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH] lantiq: add dsl line_state mapping

Florian Eckert fe at dev.tdt.de
Wed Jun 17 06:21:51 EDT 2020

Hi Adrian,

>> The line_state of the DSL connection is described in the system via a
>> hexadecimal variable. With this change the hexadecimal is mapped to a
>> decimal value. With this change it is now possible to store this value 
>> in a
>> database, so that it can be easily evaluated.
> Interesting file this lantiq_dsl.sh ...

That´s probably right!

> I'm wondering whether all of this really need to be in this file, or
> whether stuff can be moved to the package actually dealing with it?
> This might also make it easier to change it when necessary.

This file is sourced twice:
- dsl_control of package ltq-adsl-app [1]
- dsl_control of package ltq-vdsl-app [2]

If we take this from the target folder then we have to make our own 
packet ltq-dsl-common for example.
And the packages ltq-adsl-app and ltq-vdsl-app could depend on this.

When we create a new package, we may also want to move other files from 
the target directory to the new package?

- lantiq.sh [3] This is sourced in 02_network files on the lantiq 
- led_dsl.sh [4]
- pppoa.sh [5]
- uci-defaults [6]
- dsl_notify.sh [7]

These are candidates that could also moved to the new package

Best regards



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