[OpenWrt-Devel] An important information regarding my email address

hao.hu.upsud at gmail.com hao.hu.upsud at gmail.com
Mon Jun 15 19:06:30 EDT 2020


I hope this email finds you well.

I am writing to you due to the discovery of several security issues of the current email address hoping to be able to mitigate the potential impacts.

In fact, the current email address (hao.hu.upsud at gmail.com) has been the victims of several data leakage on the Internet more than 10 times during recent years, which includes

Affected Service	                        Date	   Verified	    Affected users	 Password
Combolist	                                Jan. 2019		        1,247,433,080	 Affected
Unknown (Collection #1-#5)	                Jan. 2019		        2,191,498,885	 Affected
myfitnesspal.com	                        Feb. 2018	✓	        143,425,495	     Affected
Unknown (Anti-Public Combolist Jan. 2017)	Jan. 2017		        948,385,599	     Affected
dailymotion.com	                            Oct. 2016	✓	        85,174,207
tumblr.com	                                May. 2013	✓	        73,358,680	     Affected
dropbox.com	                                Sep. 2012	✓	        68,658,165	     Affected
linkedin.com	                            Jun. 2012	✓	        160,144,040	     Affected

and some more combo list recently published (less than a year) from unknown data sources.
This information could be found out from several websites specialized in the information security.

A such kind of data breach risked at disclosing my historical email contents and contacts, which may have resulted in the followings without my consent.

- private information used by third party to commit malicious actions
- identity stolen to make unauthorized actions on my behalf
- reaching out my historical contacts for one's own profit or play against myself
- other important confidential information disclosed to the third party

As the account itself was created in 2011, which covers a long period of time and a variety of activities, the impact might be significant and difficult to assess.

At this time, I would wish that you could revert back to me if any suspicious things may have been witnessed and related to me, which may include the things that make you feel
- astonished
- wrong
- emotionally negative

Additionally, please kindly update my contact email address to the following new one in your contact list:

hao.hu.fr at gmail.com

Thank you very much,

Kind regards,

Hao Hu

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