[OpenWrt-Devel] [RFC PATCH] kirkwood: use real model names for Linksys devices

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Sun Jun 14 16:12:27 EDT 2020


> > +  SUPPORTED_DEVICES += linksys,audi
> You didn't add "SUPPORTED_DEVICES" in mvebu. After movement to DSA,
> images have broken config after sysupgrade. Maybe at this moment drop
> this line?

Hmm, adding support for DSA has been already 45 days ago.
So there will be at least a few DSA devices out there that already have adapted the new config (at least for viper, for audi somebody would have to build his own image, so there might be much less), but still have the "audi"/"viper" name. Those would then be annoyed by the need to force upgrade.

On the other side, the users that may be hindered from destroying their network config by the rename without keeping SUPPORTED_DEVICES might be many more; and the early adopters might be more ready to deal with the forced upgrade (where they could actually keep their config) than the others might be with cleaning up a broken network config.

So, all in all I'm inclined to follow this suggestion, unless somebody has a strong point against it.
(I would also drop the BOARD_NAME then, and use DEVICE_DTS instead.)

Thanks for making me aware of this.


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