[OpenWrt-Devel] newer mikrotik boards not booting?

Joe Ayers joe at ayerscasa.com
Sat Jun 13 15:00:51 EDT 2020

Anyone else seeing this on recently purchased  Mikrotik models?
Installing openwrt 19.07.03 on a Mikrotik LHG 5 boots, initfs and
appears to succeed with sysupgrade.  Then the device is in an infinite
boot loop.   It appears there's no console configured in routerboot to
see what it is doing.  Any pointers to turn on?

Note, I'm working with another individual seeing this on a new LHG 5
model device.  I have reproduced and tested on a newly purchased SXTsq
5HPnD, which has a motherboard labeled "LHG 5HPnD".   Prior SXTsq
5HPnD  and LHG 5HPnD models  have been working fine.

[admin at MikroTik] /system routerboard> print
       routerboard: yes
        board-name: SXTsq 5
             model: RouterBOARD SXTsq 5HPnD
     serial-number: xxxxxxxxxxxx
     firmware-type: ar9344L
  factory-firmware: 3.41
  current-firmware: 3.41
  upgrade-firmware: 6.47

No baud-rate options?

[admin at MikroTik] /system routerboard settings> print
              auto-upgrade: no
               boot-device: nand-if-fail-then-ethernet
      regulatory-domain-ce: no
             cpu-frequency: 600MHz
             boot-protocol: bootp
       force-backup-booter: no
               silent-boot: no
      protected-routerboot: disabled
      reformat-hold-button: 20s
  reformat-hold-button-max: 10m

sysupgrade log:

Commencing upgrade. Closing all shell sessions.
Watchdog handover: fd=3
- watchdog -
Sending TERM to remaining processes ... crond uhttpd xinetd sh dnsmasq
sh ntpd netifd hostapd [  146.589174] device wlan0 left promiscuouse
[  146.593957] br-lan: port 2(wlan0) entered disabled state
sleep sleep ubusd urngd logd rpcd
Sending KILL to remaining processes ...
/lib/upgrade/stage2: line 126: [-x: not found
Performing system upgrade...
Unlocking firmware ...

Writing from <stdin> to firmware ...
Upgrade completed
Rebooting system...
umount: can't unmount /dev: Resource busy
umount: can't unmount /tmp: Resource busy
umount: can't unmount /: Invalid argument
[  185.682795] Removing MTD device #1 (hard_config) with use count 1
[  185.690133] reboot: Restarting system


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