[OpenWrt-Devel] Conversion issue in lua ubus binding

Florian Eckert fe at dev.tdt.de
Wed Jun 10 09:23:25 EDT 2020

Hello Community,

I have recently discovered that there is a conversion problem with the 
ubus lua binding.
I think it is due to the following commit [1] from the ubus project.
Can anyone confirm this?

I have a lua program that loads the json object from ubus and extracts a 
On a 32 bit system (lantiq_xrx200) every works as expected, but for the 
64 bit system (x86_64)
I get for the value -71 the value 18446744073709552000.
If I do an ubus call on the shell the value on x86_64 and lantiq_xrx200 
looks the same value -71 which is the correct one.
So I think it has to do with the conversion in the ubus lua binding.




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