[OpenWrt-Devel] cns3xxx and kernel 5.4

Koen Vandeputte koen.vandeputte at ncentric.com
Thu Jun 4 03:34:14 EDT 2020

Hi All,

I've tried to bump this target to kernel 5.4 but failed to do so twice.

This target is not DT aware at all and the amount of efforts required to 
do so are tremendous, which I cannot justify internally here.

Giving the facts that:

- The huge amount of effort required

- The SoC itself reached EoL at Cavium for some time now.

- Upstream removed some important parts as it's also slowly getting EoL 
over there

- Internally in the company here, the product that used this will fade 
out shortly

- The amount of download for this binary suggest that the target is not 
that popular

I have decided to not invest more time in this one myself.

I would like to propose to either remove it for the next release, or 
make it source-only for some time excluded from the builds

should someone else would like to invest more time in it.

Either way, this target is the last one without 5.4 support and it 
should not delay the process any further.



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