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Thu Jun 25 05:52:11 EDT 2020

issues could be fixed in subsequent .1 even a week later if needed to be.

Any delay in this timeline should be properly communicated to the development
mailing list at the time we discover such release blocker.

BTW it's still master + 2 stable releases which will receive the support? Once
the 20.y is out, the 18.06 is EOL?

> I am fine with kernel 4.19 or 5.4, but we should decide and not stay in
> a limbo for log, so we can work io the right direction.

There is going to be a vote about this topic soon, probably tomorrow, see

> It would be nice to have jails activated by default, but there are still
> problems when using an initramfs, I will probably not have the time to
> investigate into this problem in the next 4 weeks.

I would like to have jails as well, but it should be probably first enabled in
master for some time. Is this[1] the issue you're having?

> Should wpad-openssl or better wpad-wolfssl (after it works with WPA3) be
> added as default wpad version now? If we do this we can also activate
> https support for luci by default https support should not cost much
> space when we already have an ssl library.

I agree.

Is there anything we can do in LuCI UI to make the errors caused by
self-signed certs in the browsers less stressful? Perhaps adding one more step
(until there's password set or just for the first time) while redirecting from
80 to 443, some kind of special page, where we could entertain the user about
the next possible browser certificate error (show the certificate
details/fingerprint for additional verification) ?

Simply something which could improve the UX. I know, it's very hard.

> Are there any other bigger changes planned you would like to get into
> the next release?

Sysupgrade image signature validation enabled by default.

> Should we do a vote on the kernel version and release plan in the end?

We've somehow agreed about the kernel voting on IRC. If we can formalize the
release plan/rules/timeline soon, lets add it to the next combined vote as
well (it doesn't matter if it's 4in1 or 5in1 voting, we're saving time), so
far it looks like:

 - 4.19 Vs 5.4 for next release (Jow is preparing the text)
 - new project logo/colors (ynezz)
 - openwrt-announce mailing list (ynezz if needed be)
 - GitHub Vs self-hosted GitLab Vs whatever else (ynezz if needed be)
 - release timeline/rules definition (Hauke/Baptiste?)

Does anyone else see any other topic which should be included in this combined
vote? If so, let us know ASAP and ideally prepare the text/voting options as


-- ynezz

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