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Thu Jun 25 05:52:11 EDT 2020

or a year).
What are your plans?

> To get out of this situation I started a spin-off called uClibc-ng.
> The website for the project is here:
> Beta 3 is tagged and downloadable via

Do you plan a browsable Git website, where someone can look at the
source via webbrowser?

OK, you have now an infrastructure...
Do you have people (developers, users) behind you :-)?

> If you want a 1.0 in the near future please test and report back any
> issues. You can use the bug tracker, the mailing list or dicussion forum
> to report back. To prevent spam you need to be subscribed or registered.
> I have added most of the patches from your projects on top of uClibc
> master.

Did you look also at the patches [1] from the Freetz project?

Thanks for your initial work!

- Sedat -

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