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Following the experiment with 19.07.4 release goals [1], here is a set
of release goals for the next 20.XX major release:

This is mostly based on the meeting notes of the last dev meeting
posted by Hauke, as well as various discussions.

According to my understanding, all the release goals above have
reached consensus or a vote to be included in 20.XX.  Please adjust /
discuss if this is not the case.  Some goals need references.

Possibly missing goals are:

1) major feature: 802.11ax and ath11k support?

   I don't know the current state of this.

2) major feature: 802.11ad / 60 GHz support?

   Again, I haven't followed progress here.

3) organisational: switch to gitlab?

   While there was a vote about it, I don't know if this is planned
   for 20.XX.  I think it makes sense: we could start using gitlab to
   track 20.XX bug reports, and possibly drop 18.06 bug reports from
   flyspray.  But if it is not ready, it should probably not block the
   20.XX release.


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