[PATCH v7] ramips: add support for JS76x8 series DEV boards

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Thu Jul 30 09:47:12 EDT 2020


in order to bring this to an ending that somehow will satisfy both of us, I've applied a few changes (which are necessary/helpful in my opinion) on top of your v7 and pushed the result to my staging tree:


The only thing missing is the port assignment of the three ethernet ports that are actually used.

The current case sets up the following:
"0:lan" "1:lan" "2:lan" "3:lan" "4:wan" "6 at eth0"

So, which three of 0-4 are actually used, and which should be set to wan (or should we have 3xlan)?

Without an answer to that, I cannot merge it. Just answer here, and I will take care of implementing it myself.

As a bonus, if you provide the GPIOs of the two user-defined buttons, I'd also implement those in the DTS, so users can assign tasks to them.
I'd call them user1 and user2 unless told differently. However, note that the buttons are optional, only the network setup is really required for this be move forward.

I'd be happy to get this into a state where we can finally merge it, so both of our time is not entirely wasted.


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