Transform OpenWRT to a Yocto / openembedded layer

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Thu Jul 30 05:41:04 EDT 2020

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>> Isn't there some deferred or other state that better expresses the 
>> actual
>> situation?
> For me, "deferred" means essentially "we don't do it now, but we will
> do it later".
> However, there is no indication that the situation will be different
> in a year or two. So I chose "rejected", as a waiting time of 8 months
> without any response indicate that the feature is not wanted.
> As Thomas stated himself, this surely is "unfortunate", but I'm just
> putting into effect what's obvious here.

Yes, you probably did the best thing that can be done in this situation: 
bring it to some kind of closure and inform the submitter of the reason. 
With the latter being properly done, the actual working of the closure 
is less relevant.



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