dm-verity support

W. Michael Petullo mike at
Thu Jul 30 00:33:52 EDT 2020

>>> I'm sorry, and although I fear a similar fate will hit the SELinux
>>> effort, I still hope you will not feel repelled and continue to
>>> contribute to OpenWrt in the future.

>> That would be a shame. I stepped up to help Thomas revise his SELinux
>> patches for inclusion, and I did a fair amount of work:
> And that's exactly my reasoning: A lot of work has been "wasted" since
> nobody reviewed the thing. How will it be better if you invest even
> more work? I just don't see anybody to review and merge this, and for
> a changeset of this size review wouldn't be done quickly either anyway.

Okay, but my work will continue because I need SELinux support. Thus my
work is not wasted from my perspective.

Why not leave the actively-maintained requests open in case someone does
deem them worthy to review?



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