[PATCH 2/3] treewide: use wpad-basic-wolfssl as default

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Sat Jul 25 08:49:13 EDT 2020

> Understandably so. But like you said, they already have limited functionality
> at this point: wpad-mini versus wpad-basic. At the same time, a lot of those
> devices are EOL with 19.07, as you pointed out. So it would make more sense
> to just keep them on wpad-mini - and maybe, to make the end of support
> crystal clear, to disable builds for 4/32 images altogether from 20.0x on.

That's mostly been done already; many if not the majority of at least 4 MB flash devices already have DEFAULT := n set.
This has been applied in bunches already as well, e.g.:


This fact was the essence of my initial thought: if we have an entire subtarget like ath79/tiny that won't be built _by default_, we don't need to apply this patch there, as we won't built any images with these settings anyway.

However, I also see the point of the adverse argument that if it has to be altered by people for local builds anyway, there is no need to keep it inconsistent with recent changes (in contrast to ar71xx, which is not supposed to be built with master at all); people can just remove wpad-basic-wolfssl and switch back to wpad-mini again, as long as that's generally possible. (For a downstream project we have been switching to hostapd-mini already due to size constraints, so it won't matter much what exactly we remove there then.)

So, after all, 1. there won't be any 4 MB images build be default in 20.xx release, and 2. I personally can live with both options, keeping wpad-mini or replacing it for ath79/tiny and similar.

> devices like those in ath79/tiny, bcm47xx/legacy, lantiq/xway_legacy, 
> rt288x, rt305x,
> rt3883 and tegra (all those with wpad-mini).

Note that ramips/rt**** are still on 4.14 kernel, and if that's not changed soon they will be removed for 20.xx release entirely (i.e. deleted in stable branch, not just set to DEFAULT := n).


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