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> On 20/07/20 19:32, Henrique de Moraes Holschuh wrote:
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> > Any thoughts on this?  I am certainly to have overlooked a lot of
> > stuff, especially if it is present only on master.  Also, handling of
> > an uci-defaults "reset" (so that they'd run again) in
> > non-initramfs/overlayfs based system is likely to pose some challenges
> > depending on how it is implemented...
> >
> Adrian Shmultzer has been recently adding some infrastructure in the
> sysupgrade to stop it if there are incompatible features that would break
> core functionality, so that the user won't just sysupgrade with the same
> config and land in an inaccessible device. Maybe his work can/should be
> extended to alter the creating/restoring config backups logic too, as it's really
> doing more or less the same thing already.

Actually, my solution implements the config "on device" as a uci parameter, so the "on device" version is actually not the version of the firmware installed, but of the config installed. Therefore, one may indeed go that road to prevent flashing an incompatible backup. However, I don't think you can use it for much else.

Despite, I still have received no positive feedback about that change at all, so I'm not sure whether it will go in at all.



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