[PATCH 1/1] TARGET: Add new device support under target IPQ806x for Linksys E8350

mail at adrianschmutzler.de mail at adrianschmutzler.de
Mon Jul 20 05:45:07 EDT 2020

> > + model = "Linksys EA8300 V1 WiFi Router";
> So, is it V1? Then add that to the compatible etc.: linksys,e8350-v1
> -> I've not sen V2 yet, so I can remove the versioning of this device in the updated patch.

Well, the question is not whether a v2 is there _yet_, but whether you are absolutely sure that there will never be a v2.

Otherwise, we will end up with linksys,e8350 and linksys,e8350-v2, which is not desirable, while having a lone linksys,e8350-v1 won't hurt.

> > + BOARD_NAME = e8350
> > + SUPPORTED_DEVICES += e8350
> -> what about the metadata generation, will it be affected?

Metadata will of course work, as this line is just adding _another_ string required for backwards compatibility. This second string e8350 is not used anywhere for this device, you just invented it by believing you were following a pattern.


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