Simplified LuCI interface project: dashboard, quick setup, configuration

Baptiste Jonglez baptiste at
Sat Jul 18 09:12:57 EDT 2020

Hi Michael,

Thanks for your feedback.

On 26-06-20, Michael Richardson wrote:
> From watching the video the two tasks that you were attempting to improve were (in laymens terms):
>   1) changing the WIFI password
>   2) creating a port-forward
> I think that this could be just a bit easier to do: in particular I think
> that the average person needs just a bit more friendly text to connect
> between what they want to do, with our terminology as to what we are doing.

Can you be more specific?  Would you add more text, change the current
texts?  Which ones?

In general, I agree: the interviews conducted by Biyun and Zhao have shown
that the terminology was a big barrier to understanding.

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