[RFC] usage of mkhash, sha256sum and md5sum

Paul Spooren mail at aparcar.org
Thu Jul 16 15:18:33 EDT 2020


On 15.07.20 22:54, Felix Fietkau wrote:
> On 2020-07-16 04:06, Paul Spooren wrote:
>> Hi,
>> the OpenWrt system requires the calculation of both md5 and sha256 sums
>> at various places, this is partly done via a small C file in
>> ./scripts/mkhash.c and partly by using a sha256sum binary. A ancient
>> wrapper ./scripts/md5sum is added for Mac OS X compatibility.
>> * Should we create our own crypto by using ./scripts/mkhash.c? I
>> remember from some previous discussions on IRC and GitHub that there are
>> generally concerns against it, also a motivation for[0]. I understand
>> that Felix just reinvent the code but used established sources, however
>> it is used for package signing (not image signing). I'm fairly sure less
>> eyes look through that code than e.g. the Debian implementation.
> This is not "creating our own crypto" at all. I used existing widely
> used implementations of MD5/SHA256 (mostly FreeBSD code, if I remember
> correctly).
Maybe the wording here is wrong, "maintain your own crypto" rather than 
>> * Currently include/package-ipkg.mk uses a host installed `sha256sum`
>> binary which is not covered via include/prereq{,-build}.mk. Should it be
>> added to prereq or replaced by mkhash?
>> * Can ./scripts/md5sum be removed or is it still required for Mac OS X
>> builds.
> I'm not sure if build/host code for some packages still relies on it.
I'll ask some fellow Mac OS X builders. However a cleaner solution would 
be to just remove it and rely on `mkhash md5` only.
>> * Any reason not to replace `mkhash <alg>` by using `<alg>sum | cut -d '
>> ' -f 1`? Both sha256sum and md5sum seem to be available per default on
>> Debian, Alpine and OpenWrt.
> There are many calls to mkhash from the build system, some from
> performance sensitive parts. Changing it that way will likely make the
> build slower (especially in cases where it only checks stamps but
> doesn't rebuild anything).

I did a quick benchmark and mkhash & sha256sum seem to be the same speed 
while md5sum is about 8% faster than `mkhash md5`.

Details here if anyone cares http://sprunge.us/l7amiR

> I'd like to keep mkhash as-is, since it's fast and shouldn't cause any
> issues.

Yea let's keep it that way. I was only curious as the package signing 
depends on that code.


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