[PATCH] busybox: tr: enable options required by POSIX

Jordan Geoghegan jordan at geoghegan.ca
Tue Jul 14 13:22:31 EDT 2020

On 2020-07-14 02:54, Bjørn Mork wrote:
> Jordan Geoghegan <jordan at geoghegan.ca> writes:
>> 'tr' is a standard system utility, I wasn't expecting such pushback
>> against making it behave as every other modern implementation does.
> OpenWrt exists because it is different from every other distribution.
> https://openwrt.org/about describes it as "all the features you need
> with none of the bloat".  There is no promise of all the features you
> want, or all the featues of any other distro, or even all POSIX
> features. What you "need" is obviously something you can discuss, but I
> believe it is reasonable to limit it to the software included with the
> distro.  OpenWrt specific porting might be required for any 3rd party
> scripts or applications, even those running unmodified on other distros.
> OpenWrt provides GNU coreutils as an optional alternative for the 'tr'
> application.  This is full featured++, like GNU utils often are.
> Just my 2 peanuts.
> Bjørn
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This isn't about 500 bytes of space anymore is it? I think at this point 
people just want to be "different" special snowflakes and not have a 
working tr even though nobody has presented any potential upside to 
leaving this unfixed.

The folks that have responded to this bug report (not even sure any of 
them have commit access lol) seem more interested in bikeshedding than 
actually fixing problems.

I'm now bored of debating this, so if you want to ship broken trash, 
I'll leave you alone.



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