[RFC PATCH] Splitting auth_cache

Michael Yartys michael.yartys at gmail.com
Tue Jul 14 08:32:32 EDT 2020

Currently both PMKSA caching and Opportunistic Key Caching are set by the
option auth_cache. iOS devices are unable to connect to WPA3-Personal
networks when PMKSA caching is not enabled, but setting auth_cache to 1
also enables Opportunistic Key Caching which is not required. This doesn't
seem to have any negative impact, but I believe it's better to do things
properly and split auth_cache into its constituent pats to be able to set
them individually. Having separate options would also be good for those who
for whatever reason wish to test these features separately.

However, a potential problem is that the wireless config options would
change, and those who use the auth_cache option would need to update their
config. This is why I'm sending this as an RFC.

The following patches have been tested on my R7800 with a 5th gen. iPad.

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