[PATCH] busybox: tr: enable options required by POSIX

Petr Štetiar ynezz at true.cz
Mon Jul 13 11:36:38 EDT 2020

Magnus Kroken <mkroken at gmail.com> [2020-07-13 15:49:30]:


> Support for character classes (e.g. [:upper:] and [:lower:]) and
> equivalence classes (e.g. [=a=]) in the tr utility are required by POSIX.
> This change increases package size by approx. 500 bytes.

where does OpenWrt claims, that it's fully POSIX compliant? Some deviations
are expected from the standards in exchange for lower flash usage. Maybe it
could be considered as `default y if !SMALL_FLASH` for devices with more flash
space, but then we would probably get inconsistent behaviour across various
targets and scripts wouldn't use this classes anyway.

So I don't see anything in favor for this patch inclusion.

-- ynezz

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