[PATCH] urngd: Add support for read()ing entropy

Alberto Bursi bobafetthotmail at gmail.com
Mon Jul 13 07:31:19 EDT 2020

On 13/07/20 12:59, Petr Štetiar wrote:
> Nathaniel Filardo <nwfilardo at gmail.com> [2020-07-13 10:00:46]:
> Hi,
>> Someone should update https://openwrt.org/submitting-patches then, so
>> that the very first thing of "Patch Checklist" isn't "Single commit (
>> multiple commits must first be squashed, as described here )".  I of
>> course wrote it as multiple commits but was trying to follow
>> instructions. :(
> it's a wiki, so feel free to make it clear. I agree, that the important part
> is somehow hidden in that text:
>   "so you end with a normal amount of true and sane commits. "
> -- ynezz

The meaning of "normal", "true" and "sane" may or may not be exactly the 
same for everyone.

It's probably best if the people adding information to that specific 
page is a project member.


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