[PATCH] treewide: switch head to SUSv3-style arguments

Henrique de Moraes Holschuh henrique at nic.br
Thu Jul 9 09:00:54 EDT 2020

On 09/07/2020 05:04, Rui Salvaterra wrote:
> Before disabling support for SUSv2 by default on BusyBox, care must be taken to
> ensure the arguments are SUSv3-compliant. Make it so.

Unless the size savings are very high to justify it, it is probably a 
very bad idea to disable SuS-v2 support in busybox.

And it would need to be a sizeable reduction to be worth it indeed: as 
you already noticed, some of it will be lost with compatibility syntax 

Removing SuSv2 from busybox is too damn likely to bite people badly 
downstream.  Please reconsider.  This is *NOT* a "no-brainer" change, it 
is a tidal wave that ripples down to everything that uses OpenWRT, every 
feed, every downstream, and users.

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