fix for lantiq (danube) usb

Luca Olivetti luca at
Sun Jul 5 07:05:33 EDT 2020

El 3/7/20 a les 23:18, Luca Olivetti ha escrit:
> El 3/7/20 a les 19:49, John Crispin ha escrit:
>> On 03.07.20 19:47, Luca Olivetti wrote:
>>> El 3/7/20 a les 19:37, John Crispin ha escrit:
>>>>>> Why not use the gpio regulator ?
>>>>> Because I don't know how :-(
>>> Oh, I see, but that's the one I had to *remove* because it didn't work.
>>> Bye
>> CONFIG_REGULATOR_GPIO is not enabled in the kernel config
> I think the correct one is CONFIG_REGULATOR_FIXED_VOLTAGE, which was 
> already in the configuration, hence adding CONFIG_REGULATOR_GPIO has no 
> effect.

I put a printk in every step of reg_fixed_regulator_probe 
(drivers/regulator/fixed.c) and it seems it isn't called at all (my 
strings are indeed compiled in fixed.o).

Why is that? Perhaps an error in the dts?

I checked and it seems the same as other devices in 19.07.3, the only 
difference is the section (most devices have it in the first section 
while here it is in the &gpio section) and the name after the colon 
(most use no name at all after the colon or the same as before, i.e. 
here it would be usb_vbus: usb_vbus ).

This is the definition in the dts

         usb_vbus: regulator-usb-vbus {
                 compatible = "regulator-fixed";

                 regulator-name = "USB_VBUS";

                 regulator-min-microvolt = <5000000>;
                 regulator-max-microvolt = <5000000>;

                 gpio = <&gpio 14 GPIO_ACTIVE_HIGH>;

Oh, and is there a quick way to test modifications to the dts? Every 
time I invoke make, even for a trivial change, it takes 40 minutes.


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