[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH 0/2] ath79: update device naming for Netgear WNDR3700v2

Michal Cieslakiewicz michal.cieslakiewicz at wp.pl
Mon Jan 20 15:09:41 EST 2020

> What is the motivation for this?
> The router was originally marketed as "WNDR3700v2" and that is both
> in the packaging and also in the printed label in the router itself.
> The "v2" is not a typical separate version number like many 6.1, 3.21
> type of revisions next to the serial number, but it has been part of
> the device name.

Hello Hannu,

My patch changes the way it is defined in OpenWrt - 'wndr3700v2' is a
sort of naming artifact, all other routers in ath79 target use dash for
version separation - even Netgear ones like WNR612v2, WNDR4300v2 and so
on. And yes, it 'breaks' smooth downgrade path to ar71xx, but please be
aware that when changing branches it is always better to begin with
clean/default device configuration.

Best regards

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